Mosley wants ‘spec’ engine for F1

(GMM) Max Mosley said he would like to see each formula one team use the same engine.

The FIA president told the French sports daily L'Equipe that the move to a common engine would put a lid on costs and also make F1 teams' research more road-relevant.

Mosley, calling teams' current spending on technology "irrational", also said Wednesday he is in favor of the introduction of standard suspensions and gearboxes.

F1 teams are currently in the midst of a mandatory 'freeze' on engine development, with some like Renault complaining that they have fallen behind as their rivals sidestep the spirit of the rules.

"It is not conceivable that we are penalized for another three years," said team boss Flavio Briatore, who is campaigning for a remedy to the situation.

"We will discuss it in FOTA and look for a solution," he confirmed to the Spanish sports daily Marca.

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