Mosley rejects accusations of bias against Hamilton

Motor racing chief Max Mosley rejected any accusations of bias against McLaren and Lewis Hamilton on Friday after the Briton was stripped of victory in Belgium.

"Any suggestion there is a bias for or against any team or driver is completely untrue. Absolutely not," the International Automobile Federation (FIA) president told Reuters at the Italian Grand Prix.

"I think it's a reflection, and I'm sorry to say this, of the stupidity of the people who say it because they haven't really thought the thing through and put themselves in the position of the people who have to take these very difficult decisions."

Championship leader Hamilton was demoted from first to third at Spa last Sunday after stewards ruled he had gained an advantage from cutting a chicane while fighting Ferrari's world champion Kimi Raikkonen for the lead.

He added that Hamilton remained his odds-on favorite for the championship.

"I think he is a brilliant driver and it would be really excellent for Formula One and the world championship, if he won it," he said.

"But that doesn't mean we are going to help him or hinder him. We are going to be utterly neutral.

"But that said, it would be brilliant if he won because he is a supreme talent and when it's difficult, that's when we see it. He has done a great job, and whilst we can admire, we mustn't assist or hinder."

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