Whiting reckons no penalty for Hamilton – Dennis

(GMM) Charlie Whiting, the FIA race director, believes Lewis Hamilton should not be penalised for his battle with Kimi Raikkonen at the thrilling end of the Belgian grand prix, according to McLaren chief Ron Dennis.

Stewards are investigating the clash, and word in the Spa-Francorchamps paddock is that Ferrari may even have lodged an official protest, after the McLaren and Ferrari drivers fought for position from the Bus Stop chicane with three laps to go.

After celebrating his win on the podium, Briton Hamilton pointed the finger at Raikkonen.

"He pushed me wide," the McLaren driver said, questioning whether the Finn had been "fair" in muscling him to cut the chicane, and then tagging him on the apex of the next corner at La Source.

Probably the most contentious part of the incident was the manner in which Hamilton let the Ferrari re-pass him after the chicane, before promptly executing another overtaking move at La Source.

"I understood I had to let him past so I let him past," Hamilton said.

Dennis revealed that the team checked with Whiting after the move whether Hamilton had conformed with the regulations.

"Of course Charlie can only give an opinion because he is not the stewards, but he gave the opinion that we had probably complied. Charlie is of course a very important opinion to have," he added.

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