F1 won’t forget Mosley saga – Webber

(GMM) Mark Webber, the only Australian driver in formula one, is not so sure the world of formula one will easily forget the Max Mosley sex scandal.

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, who earlier called for the embattled FIA president to resign, said last week that Mosley will be welcomed back in the paddock at Monza in a week to "carry on like normal".

Ecclestone also said Mosley should be remembered for the positive contributions he has made to the world of motoring and motor racing.

But Webber, consistently the most outspoken driver on the Mosley issue, isn't so sure.

"I appreciate Bernie has a point in a way. The best thing for the sport is that it is forgotten, but it is easier said than done," Webber, 31, was quoted as saying by the Press Association at Spa-Francorchamps.

He thinks Mosley will be remembered for the sordid tale of prison-themed sadomasochistic sex with five prostitutes.

"We read newspapers because it is full of bad news. No-one likes to read about good news," Webber said.

"We only remember things for negative and bad stuff. No-one wants to talk about anyone doing a great job. That just doesn't happen."

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