Alonso doesn’t deserve bad image – father

Fernando Alonso

(GMM) Fernando Alonso's father says his famous son does not deserve the reputation as an arrogant champion whose formula one successes went to his head.

As reigning double world champion at the end of 2006, the 27-year-old Spanish driver moved from Renault to McLaren and last year raced one of the most controversial tenures in the history of the sport.

Alonso his since returned to Renault and failed to secure even a podium in 2008, moving some observers to surmise that his ego was too big even for the grandeur and wealth of F1.

But Alonso's father, Jose Luis Alonso, tells the Spanish newspaper El Pais that his son, who shies away from the spotlight, has not changed at all since he conquered F1.

"He is just the same as always," Alonso said of his famous son.

"It is not so obvious in his attitude with me as how he behaves when he is with the whole family; he has everything but he is still the same.

"He is a happy and affectionate person."

Jose Luis, who said he is still involved in his son's career, admits that it is impossible for the whole world to have the same image of Fernando Alonso.

"You can't have a beer with the 120,000 people that go to a race," he joked. "And it is those who do not have access to him that criticize him the most."

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