Yates plans to run two teams in 2009

Team owner Doug Yates is still seeking sponsors for #28-Travis Kvapil and #38-David Gilliland for 2009. The Yates teams are 24th and 26th in the owner standings and have pieced together partial sponsorships throughout this season. “Hopefully we can nail some things down where we can make some announcements," Yates said. “It’s come a long ways. I think it’s looking a lot better. We’re trying to selling our teams with our drivers in place. That’s our primary objective. They have done a nice job for us this year and we are working on building some quality teams here." Yates indicated that the team has had conversations with Paul Menard, who could bring the family sponsorship from Dale Earnhardt Inc. Menard said Friday that he has not made a decision on next year. Yates said Saturday that his organization’s focus right now is on Kvapil and Gilliland. “That [Menard deal] is something that a lot of people have looked at," Yates said. “Our primary objective is to sell what we have now and we’ll see how it unfolds." Yates said the goal is to have two cars again next year. “We pieced it together this year and made it happen," Yates said. “Hopefully we can solidify some stuff, and even if we don’t get two fully solid, we feel if we can get close to that, we can keep it going." SceneDaily

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