Rampf: Lots of downforce for Valencia

Although the "Valencia Street Circuit" and the "Circuit de la Principauté" in Monaco are purely street circuits, there are major differences between the two tracks. Willy Rampf, Technical Director of the BMW Sauber F1 Team, compares the two circuits.

"Valencia is a new venue in the calendar and, as such, poses a particular challenge," says Rampf. "This is not least because it is a street circuit. Not that it's a slow one – the drivers will be exceeding the 300 km/h mark on the fastest section."

In comparison, the drivers reach relatively low top speeds around the narrow, winding streets of Monaco. The main focus in the Mediterranean principality is on maximum downforce. "In Valencia we will be racing with a lot of downforce," says Rampf, looking ahead to the twelfth race weekend of the year. "With the help of our simulation programs we are able to reliably calculate the required downforce levels in advance, as well as the brake wear and gear ratios."

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