Trulli confirms 2009 Toyota drive

Panasonic Toyota Racing’s Jarno Trulli took part in Thursday afternoon’s official press conference at the new Valencia street venue and apart from the normal run of the mill questions about the track itself, Jarno confirmed that he would continue racing for the Cologne based squad in 2009…

Can you give us your impressions of the circuit and Valencia?
So far it is nice, warm and sunny. The circuit looks good but obviously we need to wait until we get into the rhythm of the weekend to understand what kind or what type of circuit it is as we don’t know much about it. But it looks pretty good, very well organized and obviously the atmosphere seems great because we are in Spain and for sure we will have a lot of Spanish supporters.

Jarno, two podiums for Toyota over the last few races. What are your feelings for the rest of the season? Are there developments still coming, what’s happening with Toyota?
I think the team is doing a very good job this year. We start pretty well and we have always improved the car. The team is keeping on pushing the development work, so I am confident that before the end of the season we can do some good results. There are some circumstances and some circuits where we are extremely competitive like it was in Hungary and Magny-Cours and some others maybe we suffer a bit more but nevertheless I think we will always fight for top 10 in qualifying and our aim is always to score points at every race obviously. Our target will be finishing fourth in the Constructors’ championship.

Are there developments still coming?
Yeah, even here. We always have some new bits. They are already concentrating on next year‘s car development but they are still pushing on this year’s car as obviously the fight for fourth in the Constructors’ championship is very tight. We would like to finish fourth.

What is your own situation with the team for next year?
We have a contract in place, so we believe we can stay together for next year.

I’ve just been with Fernando Alonso at his personal press conference. He’s just mentioned that in the light of what happened yesterday, the Spanish plane disaster, that he’s hoping to get you guys together to hopefully observe a minute’s silence as a mark of respect before practice. Presumably that is something you would be more than happy to go along with providing the FIA also agreed?
I share the same feelings. (as the other drivers)

Are you satisfied with the run-off areas of the track?
Well, I did have a look and it’s difficult to comment at the moment because we don’t know exactly the speed in certain corners but I must say it’s a safe circuit anyway, and so far I can see that they have done a pretty good job, but it’s probably still a bit too early to judge.

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