Fed-Up with everything NASCAR

A disgusted reader writes, Dear AutoRacing1, I am sick and tired of hearing virtually nothing but NASCRAP on Wind Tunnel. It is not entertaining at all to hear reporting about cars named after the one that my mother might drive to the grocery store… I am a big fan of American open wheel racing and honestly I don't care that the IndyCar race ended up under red and rain shortened last night, but the lack of airtime that it got on the program is just horrible. Maybe I stepped away for a second, but I did not hear a single mention of the race even taking place! Yeah, whatever, Smoke is going to have his own team, blah blah blah… You and your staff said that was going to happen for a while… OLD NEWS! Kyle Busch is dominating in a Toyota, who cares… Do you have an answer as to why America loves watching taxicab driving? It is boring, predictable, and you can take a 3 hour nap and wake up and not have missed a thing. I just can't figure this one out. Derrick, Kihei, Hawaii

Dear Derrick, Maybe it has something to due with the fact NASCAR has 10 times as many fans as IndyCar racing and puts up some big TV ratings week in and week out. The IndyCar series is built around Danica Patrick. If the greatest driver ever to get into a race car doesn't do anything newsworthy, there's nothing to report. She's a hero to so many because of her sheer skill and bravery behind the wheel. She's won so many races we lost count. And if you believe all that we have a bridge to sell you. Mark C.

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