Moss, Williams fear British GP doomed

UPDATE A skeptical Frank Williams has admitted he would be very surprised to see his team racing in Donington Park in 2010 with so much work still to do at the Derby circuit.

Bernie Ecclestone made the shock announcement last week that Donington Park has secured a 10-year contract to host the British Grand Prix, starting in two years time.

A skeptical Frank Williams

While many have already voiced their dismay at Silverstone’s loss of the prestigious race, Williams is more concerned by the lack of progress in the five-year £100 million development project, which has yet to receive planning permission.

“When I’m at Donington in 2010, if I’m really there I’ll believe it, but I’m not certain," he told his team’s official podcast.

“I’m sure they can do all the things they must to get the circuit ready in time – two years is a lot of time with which to achieve it – but it will be immensely expensive.

“I don’t know much about Silverstone’s affairs but I would guess it is a much more expensive project than the one Silverstone are required to do, if they wish to retain the Grand Prix.

“I will just find out in course where we are supposed to be," continued Williams. Setanta Sports

07/12/08 Sir Stirling Moss fears for the future of the British Grand Prix following the announcement that it will be held at Donington Park from 2010. Now Moss, winner of 16 grands prix, has expressed his fears that the days of the British Grand Prix may be numbered. He told BBC Radio Five Live: "I doubt that (it will stay at Silverstone).

"I'm afraid it may be run in some foreign country because other countries can run national (grands prix). It could go somewhere else but nevertheless I think we'll still have good racing at Silverstone which is what matters. I'm afraid he (Ecclestone) might (move the race abroad). I would like to hope the car owners would say 'no, we want to race in England, it's the centre of motor racing in the world now and we would like to race there even if it doesn't carry points the people will come and it will be a great occasion."

Moss also believes Donington will not be ready in time although he has no fears for the future of Silverstone. "In one word, no I don't, actually. It's a worry. Silverstone we've had taken away from us which is a great shame but then the track is in such a good condition, the drivers love it and so on and there are so many other races and motorbikes, I'm not really worried for its future because it is so good."

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