Joe Gibbs talk about Stewart departure

Joe Gibbs talks to reporters
Diane Schenk/AutoRacing1

Joe Gibbs had the following to say today about Tony Stewart at Chicagoland Speedway:

Question: Why did you let Tony go before next season?

Joe Gibbs: First of all, we did not let Tony go. He came in and said he wanted to leave. This was brought to a head between Tony and us. Home Depot had no part in this decision, they did not have a choice. We decided for him and us for both of us to get started with going in a different direction.

Question: It looks like Brett Favre is looking for a ride, would you consider him?

Joe Gibbs: Just my luck. Now Brett Favre whipped us last year up there. Then I said oh my gosh this guy is going to kill us so I might as well get out of football. I get out and then he retires. If I was in there some place I would be trying to get him. Rick Schenk reporting from Chicagoland

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