Firestone to bring new tires to Watkins Glen

Firestone will bring 1,184 dry-condition slicks to Watkins Glen this weekend; each car receives 10 sets (40 tires) for the race weekend. Firestone Fast Six qualifiers receive one additional set of slicks for that session only.

In case of rain they will also bring 560 wet-condition grooved tires; each car receives four sets (16 tires) of rain tires.

Both the Firehawk tire specifications are new and making their race debuts this weekend at Watkins Glen. The dry slicks are among the more durable in the Firestone road-course inventory and feature a new compound formula designed to increase that durability. This tire spec will only be used at Watkins Glen this season. The treaded rain tires selected are the more durable "road-course rains" that have also been updated since last year.

From Al Speyer, Executive Director, Firestone Racing: "If June was short-oval month for the IndyCar Series, then July is definitely road-course month since three of the four events take place on circuits calling for the Firestone road-course tire inventory. This weekend we visit Watkins Glen International, one of the most historic and renowned permanent circuits in the United States. The racing is always exciting on this long, winding track with many elevation changes. Being so long and so fast, the Glen is also demanding on tires, which is why Firestone is bringing an updated version of our more durable road-course tire this weekend. We believe the new Firehawk spec will give the drivers the added durability they desire, while still providing the necessary grip to attack this challenging and legendary racetrack."

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