Author pans NASCAR reporters as blind sheep

We're taking this week off, but since this column has resonated around the Internet and been bashed on the NASCAR-oriented radio shows (that are bought and paid for by NASCAR, of course), it is with great pleasure that we leave it up another week so that all of the so-called NASCAR "fans" out there can get pissed-off all over again. People can label this column as fiction should they choose to, but if they do, they do so at their peril. Anyone who actually believes that it will be "business as usual" for the Detroit manufacturers and their NASCAR programs going forward from this juncture on are not only dreaming, they're displaying a level of naïveté and flat-out ignorance that defies all rationally reasoned thought. I will repeat the basic premise of last week's column again for those of you out there who just cannot fathom a NASCAR without the Detroit Three being present and accounted for. The Detroit manufacturers are on the brink of disaster, to the point that their very existence is in question. Everything, and I mean everything is subject to change – up to and including budget cuts and even elimination of programs altogether – even sacred cow programs such as NASCAR. – Peter M. DeLorenzo, Autoextremist.

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