F1 news briefs: Monday

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed a one-on-one meeting with his personal hero Nelson Mandela as the icon celebrates his 90th birthday in London.

Last week, the McLaren driver attended Mandela's birthday dinner, and then nervously introduced an act at the Hyde Park concert.

British newspapers are now carrying photographs of Hamilton, 23, having a personal audience with the former South African president, and describing the occasion as like "walking in to see the King, to be in front of God".

"I was blown away. I was left speechless. I've never been speechless before," he added.

The event drew the ire of Pamplona purists, but 'Bulls' David Coulthard and Sebastien Bourdais have driven their F1 cars through the famous streets of the Spanish town.

They drove their Red Bull and Toro Rosso single seaters respectively at low speeds, chasing herds of red-scarf wearing people, thus simulating the traditional annual 'running of the bulls' on the same streets.

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