Women arrested 22 times in 45 days for speeding

A 24-year-old woman who was clocked speeding by Loop 101 photo enforcement cameras 22 times in less than two months was arrested and placed in jail.

Jennifer Bitton, of Las Vegas, described by authorities as a "habitual speeder," was arrested by Department of Public Safety officers at her parents' home in north Scottsdale on Friday and booked into the Scottsdale City Jail on suspicion of two counts of criminal speeding, reckless driving and one count of endangerment, DPS announced Tuesday.

Bitton told officers she "didn't know cameras were there." She was flashed 22 times in a 45-day period beginning in mid-May. The fastest speed she was clocked at in her Ford Mustang was 92 mph, according to the agency.

If convicted of the criminal speeding, Bitton would face mandatory jail time and have to pay several thousand dollars in fines for all the tickets, according to Bart Graves, spokesman for DPS.

Although Bitton holds the record for being flashed by the cameras DPS began overseeing the photo enforcement program in July 2007, she does not come close to another driver.

From March 2, 2006, to July 31, 2006, Francesca Cisneros of Chandler, then 32, threw away more than 70 speeding notifications she received on Loop 101 in Scottsdale in her Honda Civic. At the time of her arrest, she told police she said she didn't think anything would happen to her if she threw away the tickets. East Valley Tribune

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