Truex contract negotiations still ongoing with DEI

Martin Truex Jr. was on the weekly NASCAR teleconference and spoke about his contract situation:
Q. Your name has been thrown up a lot in the garage as far as your future goes – can you give us any indication right now what you’re thinking about for the future?

MARTIN TRUEX, JR.: Way to start it off. You know, I’m not sure. Right now we’re working hard with DEI to put some things together for next year. Really it’s just a lot of – it’s taken a little bit longer than expected for both of us, both sides – on my side and on DEI’s side. We’re just trying to get through the details. For me, it’s just trying to get comfortable and be comfortable in the position I’m in . what they’re doing and the direction they’re headed for the future, so I can make sure that we can be together for a long time.

Q. What are you looking for as far as comfort? Is it the fact that you want race victories? What else are you looking for?

MARTIN TRUEX, JR.: Well, a lot of things. You know, good direction for the future of a championship. I think obviously there are some things going on with our race cars and other teams that I’m not quite sure what’s happened with them. So just a lot of things here and there. The performance hasn’t been as good as it’s been this year for whatever reason. We’ve had an okay season. We’ve run really well at times and we’ve run not so well at times. So we’ve had a lot of bad luck spread throughout the season, especially the beginning part of the year which has got us in this position right now. We really just need to dig deep for now and try to get a win or two before the Chase starts. We really just need to get some points and try to make the Chase and battle for that championship like we did last year.

Q. Do you have a timetable for that decision?

MARTIN TRUEX, JR.: No. But we’re working on it every day, really, so just as soon as we can get it all ironed out.

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