Experts advise Hamilton to focus on driving

(GMM) As widespread opinion converges that Lewis Hamilton is losing his composure, a plethora of experts have stepped out to offer their opinion and advice.

Ross Brawn, team principal of the Honda team, advises the 23-year-old Briton to ignore the press and other influences and concentrate simply on racing.

"The driving is the thing that will carry him through whatever else happens," Brawn, who also worked with Michael Schumacher in his early days, told BBC Sport.

Former championship leader Hamilton has fallen ten points behind in the 2008 drivers' chase following notable mistakes in the last two races.

He recently spoke about the high pressure of life at the top of the grid, and at Magny-Cours last weekend made a point of criticizing the coverage of him by British newspapers.

"We all tend to forget how young he is, and how this is all lots of new experiences for him," Brawn continued.

Triple world champion Niki Lauda advises Hamilton to ignore what the press writes.

He added: "He needs urgently to realize that he has to keep his emotions under control under every circumstance in order to retain his focus and perspective.

"But Lewis must not make any more mistakes. OK, so mistakes don't cost lives (in F1) any more but they can cost championships," the great Austrian told The Guardian.

Former F1 driver and TV pundit Mark Blundell wrote in the Daily Telegraph: "He has let the media side of things get to him. The key word for Lewis right now is control; controlling the environment inside the cockpit and his feelings and emotions outside it.

"He needs to go to Silverstone with a clear head. What he shouldn't be doing is getting emotionally involved. That just takes away from performance."

Triple world champion and paddock veteran Sir Jackie Stewart's advice to Hamilton is to take a breath and lower his own expectations.

"He might not like to hear this, but he has a fundamental lack of experience at the top of the sport. If he asked for my advice, I'd say, 'Take your time, and don't expect too much of yourself'," he said.

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