Audi driver Markus Winkelhock about the Norisring

Norisring can not be compared with any other race circuit. The apparently simple circuit layout holds a number of dangers typically associated with street circuits – and, thanks to the number of lap, 74 times in a race. The fifth round of the 2008 DTM season is broadcast live on "Das Erste" from 1:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Winkelhock in his F1 days

What is so special about the Norisring?
"It is the only street circuit on the calendar and a very special one at that: The Norisring is quite simply regarded as the Monaco of Germany because of its flair and the hordes of spectators."

What does it mean to drive on a street circuit?
"Street circuits have always suited my up till now. It’s great fun driving so close to the barriers. The reverse side of the coin is that the track surface is untypical for a race circuit. It’s very bumpy in some places and unfortunately exactly there where we are doing travelling at an incredible 260 km/h."

How does this affect the car set-up?
"The car must brake extremely well on and over the bumps. Out of the tight corners perfect traction is again order of the day. At the same time the car must be trimmed aerodynamically so that we reach a good top-speed."

Do you have to nurse your car over the race distance?
"The Norisring does actually belong to the few circuits on which a DTM car is brutally stressed and should therefore be spared over the distance. For example, we brake from 260 to 50 km/h at the Grundig hairpin, and this more than 70 times. It is probably the hardest race for the car. For a driver the temperatures typical experienced in June are also a stress, but which I personally don’t have a problem with."

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