Consumer Reports rips Chevy Aveo a new one

Consumer Reports isn't known for completely trashing cars in its reviews. In fact, the publication is more often criticized for going too easy on them and finding something to like in everything that passes through the CR garage. But dang if they didn't just tear apart the 2008 Chevy Aveo sedan, going so far as to say its big-bro Cobalt is an all-around better car and better deal for bargain shoppers. They cite Cobalt's comparable fuel economy, better handling, quieter more refined interior and, after discounts, better price. The magazine calls the Aveo a "miserable little car" and, since they couldn't find the name "Aveo" anywhere in the car's interior, thinks GM might think so, too. CR says it readers certainly thought the Aveo was miserable, rating the hatchback and sedan variants at the very bottom of their classes. [Editor's Note: And you wonder why the Big 3 are headed for bankruptcy?]

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