Robby Gordon still without a sponsor

NASCAR tracks aren't the only ones falling victim to these tough economic times. The teams are feeling it, too.

Even though he is a winner at Infineon Raceway, and has finished in the top 10 three times on the road course, Robby Gordon is bringing an unsponsored Dodge to Sonoma this weekend.

"It surprises me that we have an all-black (no sponsorship) car, especially with our record on the road courses and how competitive we were last year at Sonoma. It probably shows you how tough the marketplace is out there right now as far as people spending money going racing and using it as a marketing outlet," said Gordon, a longtime resident of Orange. "I don't know how we've gone this far down the road with an open car. We have to step up and deal with it. I think the biggest thing is that we'll show how good our race team is this weekend and sponsors will know that there is an open opportunity here."

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