Hamilton disagrees with Prost criticism

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton on Wednesday made it clear that he does not agree with quadruple world champion Alain Prost's criticisms of formula one.

Frenchman Prost, who – behind Michael Schumacher – is the second most successful driver in the sport's history and also a former team boss, recently slammed the current format for not challenging the drivers enough.

"It's more speed, less brains, less tactics, less strategy and much less work together between a driver and the engineers — and that is not formula one I like," he said.

But at a local beach near Melbourne on Wednesday, McLaren driver Hamilton took issue with Prost's critique.

"I'm a bit surprised by that," he said, also expressing surprise that Prost did not welcome this year's ban on driver aids including traction control.

"Obviously he has a right to his own opinion, but for me I think it's even more challenging and a lot harder than it is with traction control," he said.

The Briton also specifically disagreed with Prost's claim that two-thirds of the drivers on Sunday's Melbourne grid could win at the wheel of a Ferrari or McLaren.

Hamilton replied: "I think what you'll see (in 2008) is the top, top drivers will rise above the good drivers."

He indicated that he was confused about Prost's two-thirds reference, because it is obvious that formula one drivers are all highly skilled.

"If not, why are you here?" Hamilton said.

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