A vote for turbo engine for Indy Car

The turbocharged Panoz Champ Car

I hope Tony George would seriously consider using a V8 turbocharger after looking at the depressing times that Tony Kanaan displayed at Sebring in which he was six mph slower than Alex Figge. In your article on Jan. 22, 2000, titled "Turbo vs. N/A engines" turbos create more power on road courses plus you can play with the engine HP on a high speed oval track via turbo boost. As you said going to either 1.8L or 1.5L displacement is a good idea since it could make speeds safer on ovals and cutting cost long term, and a small turbo engine is in line with what manufacturers build in passenger cars.

Hopefully this article that you wrote 8 years ago is something that Tony George would consider in making Indy Car an attractive series for the world to see on American soil once again. Because next year A1 Grand Prix and the new Superleague Formula series (which kicks off in August) will have cars that will be faster than the current Indy Car package, which is depressing. Plus after hearing the sound of a Superleague Formula V12 engine, as a former Champ Car fan that's going to miss the sound of the turbocharge engines, I just might tune in to the Superleague Formula after I get sick and tired in listening to the terrible sound of the IRL engines riding around like a slug on road courses. Alistair Fannell

Indeed, Alistair, if there was one thing positive the IRL could take for the now defunct Champ Car series is the Panoz chassis (beefed up for ovals) and the turbo engine. From the feedback we have had from fans, they overwhelmingly prefer the Champ Car formula over the current Indy Car formula. One would hope that in 2010, when the IRL comes out with its new car, that it benefits from the excellent car/engine formula that Champ Car had, be it the current 2.65L or a new smaller 1.5L formula. Let's not forget that the Champ Car broke the Toyota F1 car lap record at Laguna Seca, so the formula has potential to excite the American fans both in terms of speed, looks and sound. Mark C.

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