Smith lobbies for 2nd Cup date

Bruton Smith stepped up his efforts in lobbying NASCAR for a second Sprint Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Friday, but refused to confirm that he plans to move a race from New Hampshire to Vegas.

Smith, chairman and CEO Speedway Motorsports Inc., purchased New Hampshire International Speedway last year, sparking immediate speculation that he will move one of the track’s two dates to Las Vegas, which currently has only one Sprint Cup race.

New Hampshire hosts Cup races in July and September while Las Vegas’ lone race is this weekend.

Smith revealed that he has asked the city of Las Vegas for $10 million if he is able to acquire a second Cup date, but refused to divulge his plans.

“I have a plan," he said. “I can’t tell you that today, but I have a plan.
“… Las Vegas is a special place. More people visit Las Vegas than any city in the world. … With all of that and all the money we have spent here, maybe Las Vegas Motor Speedway has earned that other date. I think it has. … If you owned NASCAR, I feel confident that you would award us a second date. “ More at

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