AT&T Races into 2008

Racing fans, fasten your seatbelts. AT&T Inc. announced the major components of the company’s 2008 multiplatform motorsports campaign. To promote its sponsorship in stock car racing’s elite-level circuit, AT&T has developed a creative campaign that includes a fully branded integration into FOX Sports NASCAR broadcasts — titled “AT&T Race Break" — as well as heavy promotion of its Safe Driving public service initiative, which is a pillar of AT&T’s larger Be Sensible public awareness campaign. AT&T has been the primary sponsor for a professional stock car racing team for more than a decade. Hosted by Emmy-winning FOX Sports broadcaster Chris Myers and champion crew chief Jeff Hammond, the “AT&T Race Break" segments will broadcast live from the “Hollywood Hotel" — FOX Sports’ mobile trackside studio. During breaks in racing action, “AT&T Race Break" segments will give viewers the latest in racing news and exclusive insight from the world of NASCAR. In addition, AT&T will use the platform to promote racing-related streaming video content available exclusively to its wireless subscribers.

To start the season, and to promote the Safe Driving initiative, AT&T will customize approximately 200 service vans across the country to reflect the look and feel of the #31 AT&T Chevrolet. Driver Jeff Burton will be on hand when the first wrapped vehicle is rolled out Friday, Feb. 15, at the Daytona Speedway AT&T retail store (Daytona Beach, Fla.). At the unveiling, Burton will officially sign the Safe Driving pledge, along with Rudy Hermond, vice president and general manager, AT&T North Florida, and a representative service van driver. The Safe Driving pledge that Jeff Burton and the service van drivers will sign include the following tips:

  • Ask passengers to help by changing the CD or radio station, placing a mobile phone call or reading directions to you.
  • If you don’t have a passenger, wait until you come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign before changing the CD or radio station.
  • If you need to make or take a call, wait until your trip is complete and your car is safely stopped.
  • Never use your phone to take pictures, send and read messages, record video or watch video while driving.
  • It’s best not to eat and drive at the same time. If you’re traveling with someone, take turns driving while the passenger eats.
  • Avoid stressful or emotional conversations with passengers while driving.
  • Don’t be a “rubbernecker." Let your passengers do the sightseeing while you drive.
  • Make safety your most important call. In the case of any emergency, a mobile phone can be a very useful tool. Remember, dialing 911 is always a free call.

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