Trulli says Ferrari have no rivals

Toyota driver Jarno Trulli says he cannot see anyone taking the Formula One title off Ferrari this year given the Italian team's performance in recent tests in Bahrain. "In my opinion they are at least half a second faster per lap, even with respect to McLaren. The championship already looks over to me before it has started," Trulli told Italian motorsport weekly Autosprint.

The 33-year-old Italian said Ferrari's superiority stemmed from the team's ability to adapt to the scrapping of traction control. "When you watch Ferrari's performance on the track your arms drop (in amazement)," he said. "They brake where they want but, above all, they accelerate where they want, when I always have to be careful giving power, which is no longer managed by traction control.

"It's true that aerodynamic efficiency is even more crucial in Bahrain than at Jerez or Valencia because of the numerous fast bends. The asphalt gives better grip but Ferrari's superiority is disconcerting." The Italian driver added that he did not expect Toyota to be contending for top-place finishes this season.

"Ferrari and McLaren are out of reach for us, so it is unrealistic to talk about podiums," he said. "But the car has improved a lot compared to 2007 in reliability and in its performance with used tyres, which used to be our main problem. "Given the problems BMW seem to be suffering, maybe it will be possible for us to come close to secondary teams such as Renault, BMW, Williams, but it's impossible to go any further."

The Formula One season starts in Australia on March 16.

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