Honda ticket giveaway a huge success

UPDATE #2 Track officials did not announce crowd figures, but estimates were in excess of 60,000 (for 3 days), similar to the size that Champ Car drew before leaving in 2003. Indy Star

07/23/07 A reader adds, Why are you only mentioning IRL in conjunction with the Acura/Honda ticket "giveaway"? The Saturday event with the ALMS was the Acura Sports Car Challenge and was the largest crowd seen there since the CART "glory days" per track regulars. Honda/Acura was promoting both days/events. Also, the true number of "bought" by Honda tickets was 21,000, not 34,000. Name withheld by request

07/22/07 The ticket giveaway that Honda offered all of its Marysville, Ohio employees (rumored to be 34,000 free tickets) was a huge success at Mid-Ohio this weekend where the biggest crowd in 15 years turned out to see the Indy Car race this weekend at Mid-Ohio.

A reader adds, Dear, The IRL is the new CART.

  1. Foreign-born ex-CART drivers take 4 of top 4 positions on a former CART road course.
  2. Foreign-born ex-CART drivers take 5 of top 6 positions on a former CART road course.
  3. Ex-CART drivers take 6 of top 7 positions on a former CART road course.
  4. A woman is the top finisher of the IRL drivers who didn't defect from CART.
  5. The attendance looked like an old CART race there.

What happened to your vision Tony? Mark McCauley

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