Bosses expect Hamilton to race

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton nearly fainted before a drip, oxygen mask and surgical neck collar were attached to him on Saturday, but McLaren's championship leader is still expected to race on Sunday.

"It's early days but that's very much our hope and the indications suggest that that's the case," team CEO Martin Whitmarsh answered when a reporter for British broadcaster ITV asked if the 22-year-old would be fit to drive on at the Nurburgring.

Hamilton's silver car speared violently into the 'Schumacher-S' barriers at an estimated 250kmh and he had to be physically supported by medical crews when they arrived at the scene.

Long-lens photography then showed him with his eyes apparently closed as he was stretched into an ambulance.

But Whitmarsh said: "The good news is that he seems to be well, conscious and talking, so hopefully it's nothing serious and he can have a strong race tomorrow."

Team principal Ron Dennis explained that his countryman would be kept at the Nurburgring's medical centre for at least two hours of observation.

"But the early indication is that he has no injuries," he said.

Asked about Hamilton's participation in the grand prix tomorrow, Dennis added: "It's far too early to say but at the moment he doesn't appear to have pain anywhere, no broken bones.

"We won't be able to decide until after a few hours' observation, but so far, so good."

“I’m absolutely fine and we will see later if I am able to race tomorrow. Everybody has been looking after me really well. We know what caused the accident and I’m just pleased that everything is OK and I really hope I can race tomorrow."

“The main thing is that Lewis is absolutely fine with no injuries and no broken bones. He has been taken to hospital for a precautionary CT scan and we will know later today if he is able to race tomorrow. The accident was due to either a faulty air regulator or wheel gun causing the wheel nut on his right front wheel not to be tightened properly. The team is undertaking a full investigation to understand how this could have happened. Fernando could have been on pole today if it had not been for a small mistake but he has a good basis for the race tomorrow – particularly as he has been consistently quick through all the practice and qualifying sessions."

“The most important news of today is that Lewis is OK and he is now in hospital for a precautionary CT scan. The accident was not his fault. What concerns the sport today: Fernando could have been on pole, however a little mistake cost him the amount of time he was lacking in the end, but what a great job from him to recover and put the car on the front row."

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