McLaren too honest to be spies – Hamilton

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton may be a formula one rookie but he says his mentor Ron Dennis' McLaren team would never stoop to spying.

On Thursday at the Nurburgring, the drivers' world championship leader said he was not worried about possible sanctions that could come out of the FIA's World Council meeting next week.

"I do feel they are one of the most honest teams out there," he told reporters, after new reports suggested that suspended chief designer Mike Coughlan was tipped off by Nigel Stepney earlier this season about Ferrari's dubious moveable floor.

As for the upcoming hearing, at which Woking based McLaren must answer a charge of possessing or even using sensitive Ferrari data, Hamilton said: "I know the team are working hard on it.

"There are always teams trying to bend the rules in some way, but I honestly believe we are the most honest. For me, I believe we will be all right."

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