Hendrick team disgusted with Busch

Vice President of Development Doug Duchardt said Sunday that he's not sure why Kyle Busch feels like an outsider at HMS. "Everything I've seen since the Dale Earnhardt Jr. announcement, whether it's in team meetings or the way the team functions is that we're doing business as usual," Duchardt said. "And I haven't seen any changes internally or externally, so I'm not exactly sure why he feels the way he does. But certainly, he's making it obvious how he feels."

Busch was outspoken after the Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway July 7, saying that his teammates refused to work with him during the race and that Jeff Gordon blew him off on pit road.

Then, after qualifying his car at Chicagoland on Friday, Busch didn't back down from his words, even adding that he no longer gets text messages from teammates and sits silently by himself during team meetings while others converse.

Duchardt said the words will soon have to stop.

"Obviously you can't continue the way it's going with his comments," he said. "Our goal was to finish out the season working just like we had at the beginning of the season. And if he's choosing to not be a teammate, then we're going to have to address how his role is going to be within the team and what he's going to need to do.

"It's a difficult situation being made more difficult than it needs to be." Scenedaily.com

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