Enge to set up car for Duno, but she crashes it again

UPDATE Milka Duno will not compete in this weekend's IndyCar Series race at Nashville Superspeedway after she crashed at the circuit in testing on Thursday even after Tomas Enge set the car up for her. Like we said she is the worst driver to ever strap on a helmet in the history of racing. Is the IRL that desperate to have more women in their series?

"I was having my best laps of the year with my times and the handling of the car," she said. "The car had stiffer springs (on Thursday) and the bumps in Turn 4 were more of a challenge today than yesterday."

07/13/07 Rumor has it that Milka Duno is so bad her SAMAX crew hired Tomas Enge to set up the car for her. She reportedly crashed the car in Turn 4 at the Nashville Speedway yesterday. No report on the extent of the damage but now the team has a legitimate excuse to sit her out some more races.

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