Ginn Racing seeking sponsors, Army back in 2008

Though the #13 and #14 Ginn Racing teams seek sponsorship, CEO Jay Frye anticipates Ginn will remain a three-car team in the future. There has been speculation of late that the #13 team would soon be shut down; while Frye discounts that, he doesn't hide the need for financial backing. "We have no intention to shut it down, but there comes a point that you have to get it funded," Frye said of the #13 team, driven by Joe Nemechek. "We're very close." Back in January, Ginn Racing chose to add the third team on the promise that it had secured lock-tight business associations. Two of those deals [Panasonic?] ultimately fell apart, but having committed to the team, it seemed more viable to secure sponsorship by running the car than by letting it sit idle. "I keep hearing we're in trouble, but the fact is the business is still better than last year," Frye said. "It has to get fixed this year, though. No doubt. In reality, I'd rather be a strong two-car team than a three-car team without a sponsor. We can't do what we did this year — in January we thought we were good." They're also close to securing sponsorship for Sterling Marlin's #14, Frye said. The hope there, he said, is to find a sponsor to pick up the rest of 2007 and then extend the deal into the future. The U.S. Army will return as a full-time team sponsor for Ginn in 2008, Frye said.

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