Bridgestone Toronto Preview

Race Details: Timed event – 1 hour, 45 minutes. Track distance is 1.755 miles (2.824 kilometers).

Television Broadcast: Live – Sunday, July 8, at 1 p.m. EDT on ESPN.

Bridgestone Potenza(tm) Tires Supplied:
* 574 primary (black-sidewall) dry-condition slicks; 192 alternate (red-sidewall) dry slicks; 324 wet-condition (rain) tires.
* Each car receives seven sets of primary tires, two sets of alternates and four sets of rain tires for the race weekend.
* In a normal dry-condition race, each car must use at least one set of primary and one set of alternate Potenzas. The primary and alternate tires' construction is identical, but the alternates possess a tread compound with better grip ("softer"), making them faster but possibly not quite as durable.
* Bridgestone Motorsport is bringing its "softest" (highest-grip) primary, alternate and rain Potenzas to take on the twisting temporary street circuit around Exhibition Place. All three tire specifications for this weekend are battle-tested, having been used on the temporary courses at Las Vegas and Houston earlier this year, with the primary and rain specs also utilized at Long Beach.

From Al Speyer, Executive Director, Bridgestone Motorsport: "The second round of the Champ Car Canadian Triple Crown has been one of our favorite venues for a long time. Toronto fans are passionate and knowledgeable, and that makes for an intense and enjoyable weekend of racing. There should be no guessing about how the tires will perform this weekend. The Potenzas we have selected are the same specs across the board that we chose to run in Toronto last year. Plus, teams have used these same specs at most of the street courses this season, so they should be quite familiar with the tires' tendencies. The championship is heating up, new teams and drivers are challenging up front, and we're awaiting Champ Car's first standing start on a street circuit. We have all the ingredients for another wild Toronto race."

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