Mosley doesn’t rule out night Grand Prix

FIA President Max Mosley has said he would seriously consider a Formula 1 race under floodlights if there is a serious application from an organizing country. Hosting a Formula 1 race at night in Asia could boost European television audiences due to the time difference.

"We wouldn't sanction night racing for Formula One without a very careful investigation," Mosley told Reuters. "So far there hasn't been an application but if there is a serious attempt to run a night race then we will have a very careful look at it.

"We have a safety commission which looks specifically at these problems and they will probably come up with a number of recommendations and research to undertake before saying okay, because it would be a big step and we wouldn't want to make a mistake.

"One mustn't underestimate the logistics, the degree of lighting that will be necessary for really good television coverage, the cost, the complications and all the things that go with it," said Mosley. "But that's not really our problem, all we would be concerned about would be the safety aspect."

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