Coulthard talks about cockpit safety upgrade

David Coulthard said at the Thursday press conference in Malaysia that a new cockpit protection device could be put in place as early as next season. Safety Concerns were raised after the Grand Prix in Melbourne where David Coulthard's air born Red Bull Racing car was close to hitting Alexander Wurz's head as the car went over the top of the Austrian's Williams.

"My recommendation would be that any discussion with the Technical Working Group is brought forward," said Coulthard. Inevitably in these situations it is when it is brought home how easy it would be to have a serious incident, then it moves it up the importance list."

"When I spoke to Patrick Head after the event, he suggested it was a couple of years away before they might look at doing something, but maybe now it could be possible to have an improved cockpit protection for next season already, so that is something to be discussed and agreed and we, as the GPDA, can only encourage them to do that and see what the result is," he added.

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