Motorola to co-sponsor Michael Andretti

Motorola, Inc. and Andretti Green Racing (AGR) today announced the company's co-major sponsorship of Michael Andretti's IndyCar for the 2007 Indianapolis 500. In 2006, Andretti stepped out of retirement to race alongside son Marco at the Indianapolis 500, finishing third, in one of the most exciting races in recent history. Motorola, already lead sponsor of Danica Patrick's #7 AGR IndyCar, will join Jim Beam as lead sponsor of Andretti's #39 car, while continuing to provide critical two-way communication solutions for all AGR teams. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. "We have shared a long and successful relationship with Motorola and I am looking forward to strapping myself into the Motorola/Jim Beam IndyCar and racing alongside Marco once again at Indy," said Andretti. "Co-sponsoring Michael's car involves the Motorola brand in two of the most exciting plotlines at this year's Indianapolis 500," said Kathleen Finato, senior director of North America marketing, Mobile Devices, Motorola, Inc. "As co-sponsor of Michael's car and title sponsor of Danica Patrick's IndyCar, we hope to be part of a historic win on the sport's grandest stage."

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