NASCAR Busch ratings plummet on ESPN2

ESPN2 this year picked up all NASCAR Busch Series races, which used to be scattered across various networks. It also added more cameras to give the viewers a better race experience. In addition it spewed all sorts of NASCAR hype throughout its various outlets in an effort to boost slumping ratings. But, after three races, overall ratings are down 27% from last year as NASCAR's popularity continues to plummet on all fronts. We have a poll running on our Home Page asking you why you think NASCAR's popularity is dropping. The results so far are interesting, but it appears our readers think NASCAR is failing on many fronts.

Event 2006 ratings 2007 ratings
Daytona 2.7 on TNT 2.0 on ESPN2
Fontana 1.7 on FX 1.7 on ESPN2
Mexico 3.5 on Fox 1.9 on ESPN2 Nielsen Ratings

Things are not going well for the NASCAR Busch Series. A couple of weeks back at California Speedway there were not even enough cars to have a full field for the race.

Anheuser- Busch has told NASCAR that it no longer wants to sponsor the series. It is giving up the title sponsorship after 26 years. It may have something to do with NASCAR asking for a very hefty increase in the sponsorship rights fee over what they had been paying. Sources say that NASCAR wants at least $30 million for the title sponsorship while Anheuser-Busch had been paying about $10 million.

Rumor has it that Subway may be interested in taking over the sponsorship.

Actually there have not been a lot of companies beating on NASCAR's office doors wanting to sign up as a sponsor.

So far this season there have been three Busch Series races. Guess what? They have all been won by Nextel Cup regulars. In fact, it is rare when a Busch Series regular is even able to finish in the top five.

Many refer to the Busch Series as Nextel Lite. Often times there are more Nextel Cup drivers entered in a Busch race than there are Busch regulars.

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