Dakar Rally Stages 10 and 11 Cancelled

The Dakar Rally organizers have decided to cancel the two Néma-Timbuktu and Timbuktu-Néma stages, scheduled for the 16th and 17th of January, after the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised against running the 10th and 11th stages.

In spite of the extensive surveillance and the guarantees provided by the Mali authorities, this precautionary measure is vital in safeguarding the security of the competitors.

After the sporting teams of the rally considered an alternative solution, a loop stage from Néma to Néma, including a timed sector of 376 kilometres, will now be run on the 16th of January. The following day, the competitors will enjoy half a rest day, and will then take to the road for a liaison stage of approximately 280 km towards Ayoun-el-Atrous in Mauritania, from where the next start of the rally will start on 18 January, heading for Kayes in Mali. superwheels.co.za

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