Tracy brings Champ Car added publicity

In sports they say any press is good press, even if it's about something controversial. Champ Car's 'bad-boy' Paul Tracy has been getting plenty of media attention lately by getting into scuffles with fellow drivers. After his knock-em-down fight with Alex Tagliani in San Jose two weeks ago, he got into a shoving match with Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais Sunday in Denver after the two got together in the final turn of the final lap of the race.

For this Tracy got what amounts to a slap on the wrist from race officials with a minimum penalty and no suspension.

Bourdais isn't impressed.

"I'm not going to say what I think should have been done because it's not my role," Bourdais said in a phone interview with the Toronto Star from his Florida home. "But I can say (Tracy) is probably smiling right now.

"(Not suspending Tracy) plays against the credibility of Champ Car, but we can't afford to sit anybody out because of the number of cars we have. That's the sad reality right now."

Even publications like Forbes is picking up his stories. Love him or hate him, he is helping Champ Car get much needed media coverage.

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