New engine and suspension for McLaren

McLaren is developing new front suspension Juan Pablo Montoya revealed on Thursday.

The main reason for the teams lackluster performance so far in 2006 is believed to be a lack of horsepower from the Mercedes engine.

A new specification Mercedes V8 is scheduled to be introduced at the Nurburgring this weekend, which is expected to be a significant step forward.

“We’re changing a lot of stuff on my car," the Colombian told ITV Sport’s Ted Kravitz.

“There’s a new suspension system coming. We’re not going to race it yet, but we’re trying a lot of different stuff."

“They’re doing a new front suspension for both cars, not only my car, but mine’s slightly different," he said.

“It’s just a way to develop the car and make it better. It’s a question of how we can make the car go quicker and if this makes the car go quicker then we’ll do it."

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