F1 Quiz

1. Michael Schumacher began a stretch of seven straight victories at the 2004 European Grand Prix, which would become one of the numerous records that he holds or shares. In this particular case, he shares the mark with another world champion. Which one?

a. Alberto Ascari
b. Jim Clark
c. Nigel Mansell
d. Alain Prost
e. Jackie Stewart

2. How many world championship Grands Prix has the Nürburgring hosted?

a. 25 (13 German GPs, 1 Luxembourg GP, 11 European GPs)
b. 30 (16 German GPs, 2 Luxembourg GPs, 12 European GPs)
c. 35 (23 German GPs, 2 Luxembourg GPs, 10 European GPs)
d. 40 (16 German GPs, 1 Luxembourg GP, 23 European GPs)
e. 45 (30 German GPs, 3 Luxembourg GPs, 12 European GPs)

3. When Jacques Villeneuve took his very first career victory at the 1996 European Grand Prix, what was his position on the starting grid?

a. 1st ahead of Hill, Schumacher and Alesi
b. 2nd behind Hill and ahead of Schumacher and Alesi
c. 3rd behind Schumacher and Hill and ahead of Alesi
d. 4th behind Hill, Alesi and Schumacher
e. 1st ahead of Schumacher, Hill and Alesi

4. The European Grand Prix has been held on the Nürburgring, on the Spanish circuit of Jerez de la Frontera, at Brands Hatch in England and once, in 1993, on another English circuit. Which one?

a. Cadwell Park
b. Donington Park
c. Oulton Park
d. Snetterton
e. Thruxton

5. It happened one May 7…

a. In 1946, the birth in Belfast, Northern Ireland, of driver John Watson.
b. In 1959, at Monaco, the first career victory of Jack Brabham.
c. In 1978, at Monaco, the first of two career victories by French driver Patrick Depailler.
d. In 1980, at Zolder, the first of three career victories by French driver Didier Pironi.
e. In 1982, the tragic death of Gilles Villeneuve during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Answers: 1) a; 2) c; 3) b; 4) b ; 5) c – a, May 4, 1946; b, May 10, 1959; d, May 4, 1980; e, May 8, 1982. Octane

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