BMW oppose FIA’s ‘engine freeze’

(GMM) Mario Theissen has confirmed BMW's opposition to the floated three or five-year 'engine freeze' for F1.

The German agreed that 'very constructive discussions' are taking place between the carmakers' 'GPMA' group and Bernie Ecclestone about a commercial agreement.

The bigger sticking point to a deal, then, is negotiations with the governing FIA about rules. The 'engine freeze' concept would see each manufacturer's V8 design homologated and tightly controlled for a period of up to five years.

BMW motor sport director Theissen told ''It is true that this (engine freeze) idea does not correspond with our beliefs.

''On the other hand, we see that excessive money and resources are wasted in formula one, (so) we work with other engine manufacturers on the possibility of saving money without having to freeze engine technology for several years.''

He said the tighter regulation of private track testing would be a 'good starting point'.

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