Seen in Edmonton – V

We sat with Champ Car team owner Paul Newman in the lobby of a downtown Edmonton hotel last night for an hour to talk racing and watch the Busch Series race on the big-screen TV. For those of you who don't know the real Paul, he is a pretty cool guy. He absolutely loves racing, any kind, except for perhaps the IRL, which he refuses to watch or even talk about. It was interesting to watch people passing through the lobby drop their jaws and stare, delighted to get a glimpse at the Hollywood superstar……Seen in Edmonton this morning – partly sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. It will be a great day for the race and a huge crowd is expected……..Champ Car worked with Edmonton airport staff last evening to lay down recycled asphalt milling material in the pedestrian areas that were turned to mud in yesterday's rain. Chris Kneifel said never has a promoter and their staff cooperated with Champ Car so well, doing everything that is asked of them and then some……Everyone in Champ Car is commenting on how friendly the people in Edmonton are, and how thankful they are for them to be there to entertain them. This race has a long successful future ahead of it. Given that today's attendance will push it well past established Canadian venues like Toronto and Montreal, and the event it replaced – Vancouver, just underscore what a job this new promoter has done…..Edmonton, like Toronto and Montreal, has proper grandstands too (steep, raised and high), not like the Mickey Mouse high-school bleachers at many USA circuits. Mark C.

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