Tire wear could be issue in Germany

Michelin boss Pierre Dupasquier has revealed in a Michelin press release that they will be keeping a very close eye on their rear tires at the German Grand Prix next Sunday, as the nature of the Hockenheim circuit means that tire wear is expected to be an issue.

"With a number of quick corners and its slower, slippery stadium section, Hockenheim is a track that tends to heat up rear tires fairly quickly – although the same is true of all high-speed circuits. This is something we have to keep a very close eye on – and it is quite hard find to strike a good balance. The nature of the track and the high temperatures – always a factor in July – would take their toll on softer tires, so our partners focused on compounds from the middle sector of our range during pre-German Grand Prix tests. Since the beginning of the season, our tires have been competitive whatever the weather, warm or cool. Next weekend, we hope our partner teams will once again have tires ideally suited to the conditions."

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