Roush no fan of Car of Tomorrow

Roush Racing team owner Jack Roush had some harsh comments for NASCAR's planned "car of the future" on Thursday. The car design, which is supposed to incorporate new safety innovations and have a bigger driver cockpit area, is still not likely to see track action anytime soon, Roush said.

"NASCAR wants to trash everything we got, start with an all-new chassis, with all new construction techniques and every component being new … I think that's wrong and very much resistant to that," he said.

"If there are things we can bring to the car and call it the ‘car of the future,' such as different door beams, moving the seat over, that's a good thing."

Roush said many, if not most of the improvements NASCAR wants can be incorporated with the current cars. "Tough economic times in the automobile companies and tough times for the rest of our economy requires we be frugal and requires we be patient. We don't need to scrap these cars," he said. ThatsRacin

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