Red Bull drivers say Nashville difficult

"Nashville is the only concrete track we run during the season, so it’s really different than the other tracks we run on in terms of handling and tire life. The challenge on this track is working in the high groove. The abrasive concrete causes a lot of marbles on the high line late in the race, which makes it hard to pass safely. I enjoy this race because we always get a good crowd, and they really get into it, plus racing under the lights is always exciting."– Alex Barron

“Not only have I never raced on this track, but I’ve never even seen it. I’ve raced on similar-style ovals, but they haven’t been concrete, so this will be a change of sorts. It’s shorter than Kansas, so hopefully we’ll find more speed. From what I can tell, it’s going to take a good mix of power and handling to race well there. I like racing at night, and I’m told that the crowd creates a great atmosphere, so it should be fun."– Patrick Carpentier

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