FIA Michelin statement

"Following receipt of a dossier of new evidence relating to events at the 2005 United States Grand Prix submitted to the FIA by BAR, McLaren, Renault, Sauber, Toyota and Williams, the FIA Senate met in Monaco on 14 July. Ron Dennis attended the meeting, having been appointed representative of six Michelin teams. He was accompanied by Christian Horner from Red Bull Racing.

"Having examined the new evidence and discussed it with Mr. Dennis and Mr. Horner, the Senate was satisfied that the teams were contractually bound to follow the instructions of their tire supplier and that their tire supplier had expressly prohibited them from racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in its licensed configuration.

"Recognizing that for both sporting and legal reasons it was impossible for the FIA to authorize a change to the circuit configuration and that both the FIA and the teams could have faced serious legal difficulties in the United States had they not observed to the letter their respective rules and contractual obligations (particularly had there been any kind of accident), the Senate was of the view that having regard to this new evidence, disciplinary proceedings against the teams had ceased to be appropriate and were no longer in the interest of the sport.

"The Senate will therefore recommend to the World Motor Sport Council that the guilty verdict of 29 June against the teams be cancelled. It is anticipated that this recommendation will be put to the World Motor Sport Council by means of a fax vote in the next few days."

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