Champ Car helps IRL succeed

Because a number of Champ Car races, such as last weekend's race in Toronto, still use the word "Indy" in their title – example, Molson Indy Toronto, Molson Indy Montreal, etc. many local newspapers in the USA label the box scores "Indy Racing" and not "Champ Car." Can you blame them? The poor schmuck doing the box scores would not know any better, and after all, the race is called "Indy" and not Grand Prix. We wonder if Joyce Julius ever did a study to determine the brand recognition value that the IRL is getting as a result of Champ Car's refusal to make the change.

Why the races are not called the Molson Toronto Grand Prix, Molson Montreal Grand Prix, etc, is beyond us. The Hulman-George family must toast Champ Car every chance they get.

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