Paddock News from Silverstone

The FIA published the results of a survey it conducted among race fans to see what they wanted Formula 1 to be like in the future. As the championship reached Silverstone, the English circuit could take pride in the fact it was voted the third most popular venue after Monaco and Spa-Francorchamps. 93,000 people filled in the survey and most of their replies were what one would expect in terms of looking for more overtaking and more importance placed on driver ability than on the cars. The survey also came up with the strange fact that Turkey was the least popular circuit, which seems kind of obvious as Formula 1 has yet to race there!

The seven teams which have appealed against the FIA World Council's assertion that they were guilty of "acts prejudicial to the interests of a competition," will have their case heard in Paris on 29th September, which, to put it in F1 calendar terms, comes between the Brazilian and Japanese Grands Prix.

The FIA President will be meeting the Formula 1 drivers after all. Relations between Max Mosley and the drivers took a turn for the worse after events in Indianapolis and a planned meeting prior to the British GP was cancelled by the President, who felt the GPDA had already aired their grievances in public. However, he says he is ready to meet with them away from the media circus that would probably gather if a meeting was held at a GP and hence the suggested date is now 1st August – the day after the Hungarian GP – in Cannes (France).

The Jordan team which had the unfortunate distinction of posting the only retirement of the British GP, when Narain Karthikeyan pulled over at the side of the track with electrical problems, says it will soon announce a new engine deal for 2006. It is also planning to introduce an upgraded "B" specification chassis for the forthcoming German Grand Prix. West

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