Rahal talks about racing for dad, Long Beach

Graham Rahal

Graham Rahal talks in his Racer magazine blog about racing for his father, and the Long Beach weekend. Check out the whole blog post here

"So here we are again, fans. The biggest race in the world, and I'm going to be racing for the winner of the 1986 edition of the event – or as I call him, Dad."

"There's actually a sense of relief in that, because a) I trust the team to be strong and have a competitive car; b) I have a ride at all; and c) there's now a stretch of three weeks where I can focus on cars, racing and not the whole worrying about the future beyond that. Don't get me wrong – I want to do the rest of the season, but it's been such a strange start to the year for me that it's good to be able to get back to what I do best: racing a car."

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