What will Kurt Busch do in 2013?

Kurt Busch, like his brother Kyle, another unhappy NASCAR driver ripe for stealing

There is not another free agent as talented as Kurt Busch. The former Cup champion has bided his time with Phoenix Racing this season, as patiently as he could. However, since Busch has driven nothing but top-of-the-line equipment in his career, the tendency this season has been to overdrive the equipment in order to compensate.

Yes, there's been plenty of twisted sheet metal to contend with and if team owner James Finch had an extensive fabrication shop, that wouldn't be a problem. But he doesn't. And the answer won't be bringing in a buy-ride next year with Brian Scott.

As for Busch, he has met with several owners – two of whom were potential Dodge teams before the manufacturer elected not to return next year. Certainly, Furniture Row would still welcome Busch. He also has spoken to principals at Richard Petty Motorsports. However, Busch's best option to get his career back on track would be with Richard Childress Racing, if sponsorship can be secured. FoxSports

[Editor's Note: Not sure they are good enough to drive IndyCars, but given his brother Kyle is also very unhappy in NASCAR these days, IndyCar sure could use their star power. Will they make a run at and get both Busch brothers?….i.e. steal some of NASCAR's star power much like NASCAR has stolen IndyCar stars over the years.]

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